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India’s very own Sidious

Sidious after facial surgery and a minor sex change operation


Sidious, back when he was still beautiful !

Ok, for those of you who still don’t get it………i shall elaborate……..

Nirupama Rao ( India’s current Foreign Secretary) just got appointed as India’s ambassador to the US of A.

Now i am quite sure that Miss Rao ( or in the worst case Mrs Rao) is superbly qualified and more than capable for the job.

However this appointed sadly enough continued India’s tryst with beauty-disabled ( for want of a better word) female bureaucrats and female politicians.

I mean isn’t India the land of beauties ( i mean i like to believe so………..though my faith in this has been severely challenged as a result of stay at Chennai !!! )

Why can’t we have a dumb beauty running for PM, once in a while. But nooooo….god forbid should the Indian male get a good looking politician to support. Politicians on either side of the border don’t seem to be doing much anyway, so why not have good looking ones replace the antiquated old farts.

Indians ( by which i mean Indian media) have been awefully quite on this particular issue. I attribute this mainly to a certain disease called, Political correctivetitis.

Our friends from across the border ( I mean the ones who Sunny Deol beat in GADAR……) have been particularly forthcoming regarding the issue¬† and have posted their views on almost on public forums ( read Indian Pakistan youtube videos. The author happens to go through all the comments on every indian-pakista video.)

A particular comparison cited was that involving two prominent female politicians¬† from the 2 countries. ( I already see Indians going…..ooooohhhhhhh, Damn, Anyone can beat us on this one)

Here goes-

One the Indian Side,

This 'thing', is sometimes called the Chief Minister of UP

*I could have put one or two more but my article would start e-stinking…… instead i decided to just start uploading the pics of Pakistani politicians*


Sharmila Farooqi, OMG

Hina Rabbani.....She can have my vote anyday !!


BTW, this isn’t one exception……………The likes of Benazir Bhutto, Kashmala Tariq ( I mean she could be beat most of the so called “Bollywood hotties) only further exacerbate the pain felt by the Indian public. Our female politicians are just not presentable.

We have Pratibha Patil ( Wrinkle Trinkle Oldy star), J.J.J.Jaya-Rasgulla-Lalitha, Sheila SHIT SHIT, Mom-Rapid Fire-Banerjee and Meira-Chup Hojaiye- Kumari. ( I could have mentioned Kumari Shailja…but she ain’t even a woman, so why bother)

The condition is so bad, that even our Italian import turned out to be defective, Miss Sonia Mano was a huge disappointment to the Indian male ( Ohh how he dreamt of having a sexy Italian for a president………Monica Bellucci anyone??)

* A pic of Monica Bellucci was found to be utterly unnecessary……..if u don’t know who she is, then you’re either too young to be using a computer or a 60 year old, straight feminist )

The feminists however are partying !!……India will soon be the brand ambassador for “Inner Beauty” [ Frustrating men since the early 20th century]

P.S : The author claims that his hope of one day seeing a beautiful female politician doesn’t make him shallow at all. It just makes him utter optimist.

P.SSSS : If u haven’t noticed yet, the author conveniently chose to forget the likes of Hema Malini and Jaya Prada ( who techinically are politicians too ). This though was because the pakistanis he has mentioned are “pure” politicians not actresses who use their oomph on screen to get into the legislature. The Pakistanis used their Abba-Power instead ….