Daily Archives: June 3, 2017

IOLAB and the end of IIT

Well, well, well…..who’d have thought, but i got through IIT…..and in one piece..

4 years in the beautiful Chennai campus made me realize quite a few things about Indian education, research and people in general. However, all that later…and frankly, its just me cribbing about anything and everything, so nobody’s missing anything.

My last year at IIT (the dull and boring DDP) began in June, with me approaching Prof. Bijoy Krishna Das and asking him about the availability of a project under him. Prof Das, as a side note, is one of the most humble and supportive teachers/guide i’ve met at IIT. He heads the Integrated Optoelectronics lab (IOLAB, at IITM). He’s also one of the few rare souls at IIT who actually publicize (read, talk to students about) their research and give undergrads a feel of research by actively involving them in the work being done in the group. Nehoo…so there i was, in hot and sultry chennai, ready to join a budding research group and do some good work. I can’t really comment on the quality or the quantity of the work done, but one thing i know for sure at the end of this year is that i’ve never met a more diverse bunch of people in my life. The accounts of people that follow, made my last year at IITM, a most memorable one and now count as some of my closest friends.