A picture is worth a thousand words…….so why not have 5 ??

Angry Avatar

Sad Avatar

Nerdy Avatar ( This one is spotted the most )

Bored/Boring Avatar

Lovely Av


Someone i know ( i really don’t ) can be pretty much accurately described by the pics above. [No prizes for people who see the obvious connection]


Caution :The size of the pics in no way represents the amount of time this person ( so called person) exhibits that particular Avatar. For example ….Boring Turtle would have to equal , if not larger than Angry Turtle. The Author’s lack of creativity and originality have led to the use of these pics which were (by his own confession) found by googling in a matter of seconds. The Author is such a big douche that he won’t even add * I don’t own the pictures put in this article* to this article. You see………….how he once again indulges in the cliched art of sarcastic self-criticism that is ever so prevalent on the Blogosphere.  Utter idiot, i tell you….I mean the balls on this guy……He ( i mean I) should be caught, strapped to a chair, covered in dog-poo and paraded on a donkey.


About tajarworld

Hi... I'm a grad student at UC San Diego studying Photonics. This blog has absolutely nothing to do with that tho.

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