What Amitabh Bachhan should have written………

It was something like Hiroshima but bigger……….Even the Tsunami exclaimed, “Damn…that’s scary!!”

I’m talking ofcourse about the tidal e-wave generated by Mr Bachhan’s itsy bitsy tweety… and it went something like this,

News news news!! I am going to become a grandfather. Aishwarya expecting. So happy and thrilled“……..is what “BIG B” wrote.

Atleast 20 tabloid editors died of heart attacks, which only goes to show that this was probably the single biggest piece of news they had ever laid their dirty eyes on.

37, wrinkled and pregnant !!.......

What he really meant was , ” News news news!! Abhishekh’s not Gay. Aishwarya expecting. So happy and thrilled”…….

Alas , if only Mr Bachhhaaann had been a little more honest and forthcoming.

A pic of Mr Abhishekh Bachhan, for any of you who have been never had the misfortune of watching Junior B’s movies ( Junior B is a nick that Mr Bachhan Junior seems to have picked in Mumbai’s famous gay pub, The Pink Nighties). The pic shows Mr Bachhan with his beau, Vroom-Vroom Abraham…..Don’t they look Happy !! …CoochiCoochiCoooo )

Mr Bachhan, pic courtsey our inhouse photographer Mumbai Kamble (No seriously his first name's Mumbai)

Dr Agarwal (our inhouse Fertility expert [shady isn’ t it that I have an inhouse fertility expert) disagrees with our highly opinionated writer and claims, ” This proves nothing man !! Abhishekh is totally and i mean 100% Gay …..No doubt…He ain’t the father man !! ” [ Please don’t ask why Dr Agarwal sounds high ]

Meanwhile, many others from the “Industry” ( a word famously coined by Crappy-wood’s moshtest powerfullest don, Kkkkkaran Johhhaar ) have also raised doubts regarding Abhishekh Bachhan and his ability to you know….[ Content deleted by our inhouse censor, Fear Mommy]. Our very own, Chulbul Pandey expressed his own outrage at this piece of “sensational news”…….” I still stick by own version of that Bitch…..She’s nothing like Kat or Rajjo (Sonakshi’s Sinha’s 30 second cameo in Dabangg. She’s a Banshee…..” . At this point, he gets distracted by a Black Buck who just happened to pass by….one can still see the longing in his eyes.

However, there was a minor section which did “bless” the lucky couple about their coming baby. I couldn’t care less for this section. Infact in the words of Chulbul Pandey, “Damn them to hell” { A comment quoted here completely and wholly out of context }


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  1. Shrinky/IT/Utumno/Maan/SriP/Handi/Bewdi/Dingo/Tulu king

    I have a sinister theory for auntiji’s pregnancy………..uh….uh……Big B did it!!!!!!

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